Sixth annual Conference


Patterns of Education and related quality standards
10-11 December 2014

About the Conference

“Patterns of Education and related quality standards” 10-11 December 2014

After the emergence of new patterns of education in the world such as Open / digital education / virtual & e-learning, it became necessary to identify these patterns and recognize the related quality standards to monitor and control them, especially with the widespread use of information and communication technologies in the educational institutions. Therefore, during the general assembly meeting that was held in Tunis in 12 December 2013 with the fifth annual conference, it was recommended to spread awareness around these patterns and work on the development of quality standards for e-learning, highlight successful cases, and identify challenges facing them to achieve the best standards and apply quality management systems. It was also decided to hold the sixth Annual Conference and the next meeting in the Sultanate of Oman.

Agenda & Presentations

Sixth Annual Conference

"Patterns of Education and related quality standards"

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Call for papers

Sixth annual Conference


Paper contributions are accepted in either Arabic or English. Papers should consist of be submitted with no more than 8 to 10 pages, or not exceed  8000 words. Every paper should include:


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