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The 10th annual conference 2018: (Development of Quality and Accreditation Polices in Education)
AROQA 2018 is an important venue for networking among experts and scientists. It will be held in University of Business & Technology, Jeddah – KSA during 4 – 5 December 2018.
Conference Objectives
The conference aims to provide platform for researchers, academics and experts to share their experiences and offer scientific research and experiments on the quality of education and accreditation. In addition, to discuss the challenges and prospects that will contribute to raise the level of education and strengthen its role in development and economic well-being.
Conference Structure
The conference will be a great opportunity for researchers, professionals, and policy makers to contribute, reflect and develop. The conference entails an invaluable gathering of researchers, academics, technicians, specialists and experts in one place in a productive setting, with more than 200 expected participants. 
There will be an active participation of decision-makers from governments, institutions, academia, non-governmental organizations and civil society institutions. These key individuals will work together and help provide a platform from which they can motivate and encourage partnerships as well as exchange recommendations and experiences. They will aim at raising awareness on the new patterns of education and related quality standards.
The conference will focus on providing adequate opportunities for interaction and discussion among guests on one hand, and with speakers on the other. This will be done through:
- Keynote Speeches
- Discussion sessions and displaying standards and basics in accreditation and quality in education
- Meetings and specialized consultative sessions
- Workshops and presentation of successful national expertise in Quality of education
Themes and topics
The conference will focus mainly on quality assurance in education and accreditation. The themes of the conference include: 
- Standards and frameworks of quality assurance systems and accreditation in education
- Institutional evaluation programs, quality assessment factors and accreditation bases
- Quality assurance models, school and institutional accreditation and academic programs
- Institutional planning for quality and academic accreditation
- The impact of quality education in achieving the goals of sustainable development
- Any other topics related to education and quality systems and institutional and academic accreditation
Call for papers
Paper contributions are accepted in Arabic or English. Papers should be submitted with no more than 8 to 10 pages, and no more than 8000 words. Each paper should include:
• Abstract with no more than 500 words.
• Up to seven keywords that refer to the key concepts of the paper
• Main sections of the paper including research methodology and illustration of research findings
• Font type should be “Times new roman” for English papers, and “Simplified Arabic” for Arabic Papers, with font size of 12. Line spacing: single.
• Author(s) biography: First name, Last name, Institution, Full address, Fax, Email, and short CV.
Papers should be submitted through the Registration Form before 25 Sep 2018. All papers will be peer reviewed to evaluate the pertinence of each submitted paper. The authors will then be informed whether their contribution has been selected for presentation at the conference. 
All papers will be reviewed by at least two reviewers for relevance and quality of research
For more information, please contact:
Razan Khirfan : office@aroqa.org
Telephone: 0096265100250, Extension: 4309