Under The High Patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI of Morocco

Seventh annual conference 2015

Impact of Quality and Accreditation in Education
7-8 December 2015

Conference Program


Day 1: Monday, 7 December 2015




Opening Ceremony and Welcoming Remarks

-    H.E. Talal Abu Ghazaleh, Chairman of AROQA, Jordan

-    H.E. Sabri Saidam, Minister of Higher Education and scientific research, Palestine

-    H.E. Yaser Abdel Monem ,Minister Plenipotentiary, Director of department of Education and Scientific Research, League of Arab States, Egypt

-    H.E. Rupert JOY, Head of Delegation of the European Union to Morocco

-    Driss Abutajdine, Director of Le Centre National pour la Recherche Scientifique et Technique, Morocco

Appreciation and Recognition

10:30- 11:00

Coffee break


·         Session 1: Development and Improvement of Educational Institutions and the Impact of Accreditation on it.

Chairperson: Anthony Cyplik, Regional Vice President , TK20, Austin
Rapporteur: Sara Aleisawi, AROQA

Keynote speech:Overcoming Institutional Assessment, Accreditation and Reporting Challenges” by Anthony Cyplik, Regional Vice President , TK20, Austen 

(20 Min)

Research Papers:

-"The impact of applying quality and institutional accreditation standards in the Sudan University of Science and Technology", Dr. Abdulrahman Mustafa Ibrahim, Sudan University of Science and Technology, Sudan

-         "The impact of quality and accreditation on the development and improvement of educational institutions", Dr. Hisham Abdelmuti, Alomaryeh schools – Jordan

-         "Quality Management and Accreditation in Higher Education Institutions (Arab and international experiences)" Dr. Omar Alkharabsheh, Balqa Applied University, Jordan

-         "Quality and academic accreditation in Jordanian universities”, Dr. Saleh Olimat, Yarmouk University, Jordan

Discussion and recommendations

13:00- 14:00

Lunch break   

14:00- 15:30

 Session 2:  Challenges of Digital learning and its role in building knowledge societies

 Chairperson: Timo Staub, Bern University of Applied Science, Switzerland

 Rapporteur: Sara Aleisawi, AROQA

 Keynote speech:“e-learning: looking for the simple things that work in universities” By Dr. Timo Staub, Bern university of applied science, Switzerland (20 Min)

Research Papers:

            -         "Promote the quality Culture in Algerian university", Dr. Khait Eman, Badji Mokhtar University of Annaba, Algeria

-         "Evaluation of university performance in light of total quality management from the perspective of workers and administrators", Dr. Mohamed Alharahsheh, Al Albayt University, Jordan

-         "Relevance in higher education: the case of low vision", Nathalie Bossieres, German Jordanian University- Jordan

Discussion and recommendations


Coffee break

16:00- 17:30

Session 3: Quality and Accreditation needs and requirements, measurement tools, Indicators

Chairperson:Dr. Mohamed Alhileh, MEU, Jordan
Rapporteur: Sara Aleisawi, AROQA

Keynote speech: “Governance; base for the application of quality assurance standards”by Dr. Mohamed Alhileh, MEU, Jordan

(20 Min)

Research Papers:

-       “The professionalism of the faculty member and its impact on quality of educational services at the university”, Dr. Atallah Ahmad, University of Abdelhamid Ben Badis Mostaganem-Algeria

-       "The development of academic programs in Umm Alqura University in light of Quality key performance indicators " , Dr. Aisha abu Shanab, Umm Al Qura University, KSA

-       "Factors associated with the cooperative behavior of the members of quality assurance and accreditation units in higher education institutions in Egypt", Dr. Adel Haider, University of Kafr el-Sheikh Egypt

-         "Development of internal efficiency indicators in higher education institutions in light of quality and academic accreditation standards: an experiential study on King Khalid university", Dr. Mansour Al-Qahtani, King Khalid University, KSA

Discussion and recommendations

18:00- 19:30

Annual General Assembly meeting

Day 2: Tuesday 8 December 2015


 Registration and opening


 Workshop 1: Quality Management Systems

Session 1: Introduction to Quality Management

-         Basics

-         Necessity and Benefit of Quality Management

-         Aachen Quality Management Model


Coffee break   


Session 2: Introduction to the Approach for the Implementation of Quality Management  Systems

-         Boundary Conditions

-         Procedure

-         Obstacles and Barriers


Session 3: Presentation of the Professional Diploma in Higher Education Management

-         Concept

-         Structure and Schedule

-         Range of Subjects and Topic Lines


Lunch break


Workshop 2: The Outstanding Leadership Role in the Institutional Improvement and Development

 Session 1:

-         What distinguishes the leadership and management in terms of concept and characteristics?

-         Leadership Qualifications


Coffee break


Session 2:

-         The impact of outstanding leadership in the improvement and development.

-         How to develop organization's vision

-         Models of Excellence in Educational Leadership


Closing Session (Joint)