Day 1: Sunday, 2 December 2018




Session 1: Opening (AROQA, ASREN)
Dr. Gheith Abandah, Chair of IEEE Jordan Section, Jordan
HE Dr. Amr Salama, Secretary General, Association of Arab Universities, Jordan
HE Mr. Andrea Matteo Fontana, Head of EU Delegation to Jordan
HE Duaa Khalifa, Director of Education and Scientific Research, League of Arab States, Egypt
HE Dr. Sabri Saidam, Minister of Higher Education, Palestine
HE Minister of Education, Higher Education and Scientific Research in Jordan
H.E. Dr. Talal Abu Ghazaleh, Chairman of AROQA  and ASREN, Jordan
09:50-10:15 Keynote (1): Michael Foley, “NRENs: Access Pathways to Global Knowledge”, Former Lead Distance Learning Specialist at the World Bank, Ireland
10:15- 10:30 Appreciation & Recognition

10:30- 11:00

Coffee break


Second Session: Quality assurance models, schools, institutional accreditation and academic programs
Chair: Prof. Dr. Mohammad Al-Hileh, President of Middle East University, Jordan
1. Prof. Dr. Omar Mohammed Al-Kharabsheh, "The Governance of Higher Education Institutions as a Requirement to Achieve Quality and Excellence in Performance", Balqa Applied University, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
2. Ms. Sameera Othman, "Academic Accreditation of Schools" to ensure the quality of education and in accordance with the visions of His Majesty King Abdullah II - Al Hijaz Private Schools - Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
3. Dr. Muamar H.H.Shtaiwi, Self-assessment of pre-service teacher training programs in higher education institutions (Basic Phase 1-4)- Palestine
4. Ms. Emily Silcock, " The Dangers of Quality Control: A Case Study of Non-Formal Education in Jordan, Entente Cordiale Scholar, Paris School of Economics-France
5. Prof. Dr. Taqi Abdulredha Al Abduwani , Roles And Challenges Of Key Performance Indicators In Higher Education, Oman Quality Network in Higher Education - Sultanate of Oman
6. Prof. Dr. Issam Jalham, Development of Key Performance Indicators for the Engineering Education Programs in Jordan: University of Jordan as a case study, University of Jordan, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

13:00- 14:00

Lunch break   

14:00- 15:30


Session 3: Institutional evaluation programs, quality assessment factors and accreditation bases
Chair: Prof. Dr. Omar Mohammed Al-Kharabsheh, Balqa Applied University, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
1. Dr. Enas Awad " Degree of satisfaction of teachers about the services provided by the educational supervisor in public schools in the Madaba Educational Directorate - Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
2. Dr. Hisham Alsaleh, “Projects achieve competitive advantage at Al Omariyah Schools to ensure quality in education” - Al Omariyah Schools - Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan 
3. Prof. Dr. Zaid Al-Adwan “Degree of Applying Quality Assurance Standards in the Jordanian Universities 
Al-Balqa Applied University, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
4. Dr. Hadeel Baker, "Quality assurance models, school and institutional accreditation and academic programs - accreditation as quality indicator in global contexts" - Ministry of Education - Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
5. Dr. Mohammad  Al-Qaddah, "Integrated Approach to Knowledge Management and Total Quality Management in Educational Institutions" - Al-Balqa Applied University - Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan





Session 4: The impact of quality education in achieving the goals of sustainable development
Chair:  Prof. Dr. Zaid Al-Adwan , Al-Balqa Applied University, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
1. Mr. Mohammad Khdeir, "The Effect of Effective Communication between the School and Parents on the Progress of Students Academically and Educationally" - Katateeb Technical Solutions Company - Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
2. Mr. Ali Rajha “BravoBravo” – Amman Academy School - Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
3. Dr. Wafa Dajani, "The Degree of Applying  the Requirements of Total Quality Management to Achieve Sustainable Development in the Higher Education Sector in Jordan" - Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
4. Ms. Nawal Al-Hooti, "Continuous improvement in a Post-accreditation Stage: a theoretical study" - Sultan Qaboos University, Sultanate of Oman
17:00-17:30 Annual General Assembly Meeting (Members Only)

Workshop 1: Unraveling ABET Accreditation Criteria: Hands-on Steps For The Implementation of Continuous Improvement Processes

Day 2: Monday 3 December 2018

Room No


Registration and opening



First Session 
Outcomes-Based Accreditation 
Utilizing presentation materials and interactive exercises, this workshop focuses on preparing participants for program accreditation using outcomes-based criteria. The goal of the session is to develop an awareness and understanding of outcomes-based accreditation. 
• Basic information about ABET, Inc. 
• Defining Program Mission statement in consistency with Mission and Vision of the college/school of Eng./Institution.



• Constructing Program Educational Objectives (PEO’s) in cooperation with various constituents
• Defining Program Outcomes (now called Student Outcomes – SO’s)
• Program Specific Criteria (Needs of professional societies)



• Best Practices in meeting the various criteria concerning the PEO’s and SO’s 
• ABET Evaluation (Visit/Process) and Results 
• Implementation challenges (Open Discussion) 
  10:30-11:00 Break



Session 2: Assessing Program Outcomes 

Assessing Program Outcomes 

Utilizing presentation materials and interactive exercises, this aspect of the workshop focuses on preparing faculty to develop and implement continuous program improvement plans within their programs, and develop an awareness of the fundamentals of assessment.





• Introducing the fundamentals of Assessment
• Defining Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) fundamentals 
• Introduction to assessment plan cycle 



• Developing measurable performance criteria 
• Simplifying curriculum mapping 
• Reviewing and selecting assessment tools 
• Developing efficient processes 
• Reviewing an assessment-planning matrix 
• Reporting results 
• Writing the SSR (Review of Self-Study Template)


12:30- 14:00 Lunch Break 


Workshop 2 :"The role of school leadership in improving the quality of education"


Day 2: Monday 3 December 2018

Room No


Registration and opening



First Session 
- Leadership & management (concept and characteristics)
- The importance of quality in improving the educational outputs
- Quality and customer requirements






Second session
- Outstanding management practices to ensure the quality of education

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