The conference will be a great opportunity for researchers, professionals, and policy makers to contribute, reflect and develop. The conference entails an invaluable gathering of researchers, academics, technicians, specialists and experts in one place in a productive setting with more than 200 expected participants. 
There will be an active participation of decision-makers from governments, institutions, academia, non-governmental organizations and civil society institutions. These key individuals will work together and help provide a platform from which they can motivate and encourage partnerships as well as exchange recommendations and experiences. They will aim at raising awareness on the new patterns of education and related quality standards.
The conference will focus on providing adequate opportunities for interaction and discussion among guests on one hand, and with speakers on the other. This will be done through:
- Keynote Speeches
- Discussion sessions and displaying standards and basics in accreditation and quality in education
- Meetings and specialized consultative sessions
- Workshops and presentation of successful national expertise in Quality of education