Fourth annual Conference

Patterns of Education and related quality standards
 2 -3 September 2012

About the Conference

Education and Scientific Research is considered of the most important part of the economy in the Arab countries that rely mainly on human resources, where several educational initiatives and research to develop technical innovation and knowledge industry has been launched in addition to finding new ways of learning depends mainly on modern technologies. Nowadays, the approach of education has changed and the traditional effect is no longer contributing to innovation and development. Communication and education based on knowledge and exchange of experiences between educational institutions and quality assurance in education would contribute to scientific progress, technology transfer and innovation.
Recent technological advances have created a new paradigm of higher education, worldwide. New concepts and enhancement theories of education are introduced to meet expanding technological, sociological and political requirements. These theories devised basis for quality, diverse learning, digital education, technological innovation, and knowledge creation.
Education is characterized as a key element and a significant resource for economic development, technological innovation, and knowledge creation. Educational institutions, particularly in the Arab region, have witnessed major developments such as the rise in the number of universities and students, the private sector’s investment in higher education; in addition to the emergence of new types of education such as Open Education and Distance Learning.
Standards in Education usually characterize the quality of teaching, resources, impact on economic development, and the quality of life of students. Differences in education qualifications and delivery became apparent, and seem to have originated by the pedagogical delivery processes and topology of the educational systems.
The institutions began to realize the importance of the development and implementation of accreditation procedures and quality assurance methods to prepare active citizens with high levels of knowledge, competencies and skills in order to maintain cohesion in the social fabrics. In the meantime, the impact of global market forces has challenged academic institutions to keep up with relevant academic values, internationalization of education, and recognition of cross boarder qualifications. As result, an increased awareness toward quality assurance and accreditation has become apparent.
In order to expand cooperation among Arab universities and to find methods of consensus and common standards for quality assurance in  education and academic accreditation between them, the Board of Directors have recommended the coordination and participation of the Arab QA and accreditation bodies in the 4th annual conference during their meeting that was held on 16-6-2011 parallel to the third Annual Conference in Cardiff, Wales –UK,  and it was agreed to hold the 4th annual conference at the League of Arab States in 2012.


Conference Organizing Committee:

  • Dr. Salem Alagtash, AROQAE.
  • Dr. Abdalla Abdalla, Ph.D., CSSBB - GJU, TAGCB.
  • Dr. Rasha Dayyat, Academic Program Director - University of Talal Abu-Ghazaleh.
  • Dr. Ali Yaghi, General Manager - Al Hussein Fund for Excellence.
  • Eng. Ehsan Fethi, Architect, Town Planner & Heritage Expert.
  • Eng. Sara Aleisawi, MBA, Administrative Officer - AROQAE.
  • Eng. Ola Samara, Administrative Assistant - AROQAE.


Scientific Committee:

  • Dr. Salem Alagtash, Executive Manager - AROQAE.
  • Dr. Abdalla Abdalla, Ph.D., CSSBB - GJU, TAGCB.
  • Dr. Ali Yaghi, General Manager - Al Hussein Fund for Excellence.
  • Eng. Ehsan Fethi, Architect, Town Planner & Heritage Expert.



Agenda & Presentations

Fourth Annual Conference

"Patterns of Education and related quality standards 2 -3 September 2012"

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Call for papers

Fourth Annual Conference 

a paper contributions are accepted in Arabic or English and should be submitted in PDF format. The deadline to submit contributions is 6 May 2012

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