Second annual Conference

New Trends in Business Education
15 -17 February 2010

About the Conference

Business Education plays a pivotal role in preparing business leaders and skilled workforce, thus enhancing the competitiveness of any country.

As global commerce demands new types of leaders who can succeed in increasingly more complex, connected, and competitive environments; management educators may need to rethink what they are teaching and how they are teaching it. New approaches to management education need to be explored and better educational methods should be adopted.

In the wake the most severe economic crisis since the Great Depression, business schools became the target of much criticism for failing to promote ethics and higher cause. Business schools will need to put a greater focus on ethics and corporate social responsibility in order for graduates to understand how their own actions can impact their companies. As put by the AACSB's Ethics Task Force, the future of the free market system depends on honest and open enterprise to survive and flourish.

Since managers have a broad range of needs over the course of their careers, they require a broad range of faculty, teaching models, group sizes, and physical locations to support their learning. It is critical for business school administrators to understand how to segment their target markets and align their offerings.

Moreover, the continuing advances in information and communication technologies deserve special attention because of their direct impact on the creation, delivery, and management of education.

In this respect, the new challenges posed by online education shall be highlighted. Information technology offers the most promise to address the challenges of meeting growing demand for management education-especially among working professionals in need of continuous education.

This Conference invites prominent voices in the field to share their thoughts on what is changing in the world of management education and why. This conference will offer a truly unique opportunity for academics, business and government leaders to debate the challenges facing business education and their impact on the future development of management education.

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Second Annual Conference

"New Trends in Business Education"

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Second Annual Conference 

Second annual Conference New Trends in Business Education 15 -17 February 2010

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