Third annual Conference

Towards Harnessing Quality in Education and Research: Challenges and Opportunities

Call for Papers

We welcome contributions on the following topics:

  • Standards and guidelines for quality assurance and accreditation in education 
  • Challenges and opportunities of quality assurances systems and frameworks (learning resources; monitoring of student progress and achievements; periodic program reviews; labor market requirements, etc.) 
  • Best-practices, implementation strategies, and policies of quality assurance in education
  • Quality management systems with ICT tools
  • National networks promoting quality assurance and accreditation standards
  • Program design and curricula methodologies emphasizing student-centric learning outcomes; modes of delivery; and pedagogical models (distance-learning, e-learning, long-life learning)

Paper contributions are accepted in Arabic or English and should be submitted in PDF format. The deadline to submit contributions is 15 May 2011. After submission all contributions will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee to evaluate the pertinence of each submitted paper and the authors will be informed whether their contribution has been selected for presentation at the conference.

Full-Paper propositions must be submitted in the form of six to eight pages, with no more than 3500 words and include the following:

  • Abstracts should contain a title and plan of the article, and around 500 words and 7 keywords referring to the central themes and concepts developed in the article.
  • Author presentation: surname, name, institution, full address, telephone number, fax, electronic mail and brief biography.
  • All papers must be submitted in a PDF format and sent to office@aroqa.org

Agenda & Presentations

Third Annual Conference

"Towards Harnessing Quality in Education and Research: Challenges and Opportunities"

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