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The holding of the 12th annual conference of the Arab Organization for Quality Assurance in Education - AROQA, entitled (Innovation and Artificial Intelligence in Education) on 6-8 November 2021, comes at a time when artificial intelligence has left no door except for its methods within the fields of practical and scientific life, as the conference will present the applications of artificial intelligence in education and its uses In creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, in addition to raising awareness of modern education issues and discussing the challenges facing the region before the inclusion and use of such modern technologies to shift from education to learning to develop creative abilities, and formulate the latest ideas for the educational process so that all concerned can keep pace with new applications in education, innovation, leadership and skills Century in light of the accelerating information and communication technology revolution.

Education forms the basis of change and development in societies and individuals, and the quality and level of education outputs is a national concern for every country, and therefore the bodies entrusted with education work to achieve quality standards and the requirements of the twenty-first century skills, while ensuring and emphasizing the achievement of these skills, the level of their achievement, the degree of preservation and the capacity of institutions The educational goal that it seeks to achieve continuity of performance and maintain the level of it.

Therefore, the conference seeks to discuss issues directly related to 21st century skills, including those related to the applications and practices of innovation and artificial intelligence.

The conference will deal with practical applications and keep pace with global competitiveness that the stage requires, in the application of innovation standards in education and achieving sustainable development goals. As this will be practically reflected on the scientific and practical reality in various fields.

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