workshop 1
 “Processes and Procedures for ABET Accreditation: Hands-on Steps for the Implementation of Continuous Improvement Processes"

This workshop deals with a systematic step by step approach to preparing Engineering, Computer and Information Sciences and Technology Programs for ABET accreditation. Specifically, it defines the accreditation processes by introducing and discussing in details the nine specific ABET criteria needed for accreditation.  These relate to Students, Program Educational Objectives, Student Outcomes (Program Outcomes and Assessment), Continuous Improvement, Curriculum (Professional Component), Faculty, Facilities, Institutional Support and finally Program Criteria. It also discusses other important aspects concerning participation from key constituents: professionals, institutions, and industry and government representatives.

ABET is the body empowered to accredit computer science, applied science, engineering, and technology programs in the United States of America, and now the rest of the world.

Workshop Language
The workshop language will be in English and slightly Arabic
workshop 2
 “Benchmarking of accreditation processes in HEI - Challenges, Criteria & Approach"
Organized by
Arab Organization for Quality Assurance in Education
@American University of Beirut - Lebanon
Overview and Objectives
Participants of this workshop learn about the different possibilities how to implement and develop quality management as well as quality assurance systems in higher education institutions. They discuss and develop criteria on which as a basis higher education institutions can be distinguished. Furthermore, the participants acquire skills and knowledge about different forms of accreditation. They identify the most relevant criteria regarding the classification allocation of higher education institutions to the systematics of programme and/or system accreditation. Additionally, overall benchmarking criteria for higher education institutions will be discussed within the whole group. Based on these criteria the participants elaborate criteria for the decision for or against specific quality assurance measurements in a higher education institution. In individual work the participants develop the profile of their own higher education institution. This profile is discussed within smaller groups and included in the developed benchmarking scheme for higher education institutions. The various results are discussed within the whole group. Afterwards, all participants will receive the developed and aggregated results.
Workshop Language
The workshop language will be in English.
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