Prof. Ziad al-Saad

Prof. Ziad al-Saad, Vice President at Yarmouk University and Professor of cultural heritage conservation and management at the  Faculty of Archaeology and Anthropology Yarmouk University; Obtained Ph.D. in conservation and archaeometry from University of London in 1992. Before starting his career at Yarmouk University was visiting lecturer at Camberwell College, London. He served as Chair of Department of Archaeology in the period 1994-1999 then became the Director of the Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology at Yarmouk University which he managed to transform it into a full-fledged faculty in 1999 and became its first Dean for two terms until 2007. He then moved to the newly established German-Jordanian University as Vice President for Academic affairs for two years and led the university strategic planning and quality assurance programs for two years. In 2010 he returned to Yarmouk University as Vice President for Research and International Affairs. During his short term he developed and articulated the long-term vision and strategic plan for the university including the implementation plan. He was then appointed by the Cabinet as Director General of Department of Antiquities of Jordan until the end of 2011 when he returned to Yarmouk University. In 2015 he became the Vice President for Academic affairs and International Affairs, a position he still holds. During the past year, he led a team to develop the strategic plan of the university for the next five years. He has also managed the reform of the study plans for all bachelor programs.
Prof. Al Saad research interest generally is in the areas of conservation and scientific analysis of archaeological materials with a particular interest in the conservation and stabilization of archaeological finds especially metallic artifacts and stone monuments. Has been actively involved in the preservation and conservation of spectacular stone-carved monuments of the Nabatean city of Petra. Prof. Al Saad has been very active researcher and managed to get millions of grant dollars from various international funding agencies including EU, World Banks, USAID, JAICA and others.
In addition to his research activities in his field of specialization, Prof. Al Saad has been very much involved in projects centered on higher education reform and modernization of teaching and learning methods.   He is currently serving as a Bologna Higher Education Expert in Jordan and is actively involved in assisting institutional implementation of reforms in higher education through materials, case studies, and training seminars which provide a European dimension and a comparative perspective.