Dr. Karim Nasr

Karim J. Nasr, Ph.D

Assistant to the President for Academic Advancement

University of Balamand (UOB)



Prof. Nasr holds a Ph.D. (1993) and a MS (1990) from Purdue University and a BS from Oklahoma State University (1987), all in Mechanical Engineering. Prof. Nasr served as a member of SAE, ASEE, ASME, ASHRAE, the World Energy Council, and also an EC2000 ABET Evaluator for the accreditation of engineering programs. Dr. Nasr published an extensive list of journal papers.  In September 2004, Dr. Nasr assumed an administrative role at the University of Balamand as Dean of the Faculty of Business and Management. Dr. Nasr’s educational and pedagogical research interests focus on the assessment of learning outcomes, Higher Education Strategic Planning, the enhancement of students’ learning experience and the effectiveness of educational programs.  Prof. Nasr is a recipient of SAE’s Ralph Teetor Educational Award (1998), Kettering University’s Outstanding Teacher Award (2000), Outstanding Applied Researcher Award (2000), CETL’s Best Poster Award as Educational Research (2002), and TRW/CETL Educational Scholar Award (2003).  Dr. Nasr also serves on national committees such as the taskforce on University Governance and Quality Assurance at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.  Since 2007, Dr. Nasr serves additionally as Assistant to the President for Academic Advancement at UOB, mapping Quality Assurance and Control initiatives for the University of Balamand.