Innovation is the biggest challenge in the world now. Students often lack of goal clarity about how they relate to things they care about in the wider world, and they are stuck in the current, inappropriate, traditional situation of educational practices as many students believe that "staying in school" is not related to their ambitions and abilities.
 Do we need to reinvent everything as mentioned the psychologist (Tom Markham) the author of “project-based learning,”, either in scientific advances, technological inventions, new political and economic structures, environmental solutions, or ethical frameworks for life in the 21st century, as everything around us is running, everything requires innovative thinking, away from thinking inside the box. Educators around the world continue to apply a broad definitions to students' success, and set a new school model. In 2018 the real challenges took over the change management, and ways to enhance the scale of quality with education have been discovered, but regarding those ideas to become even deeper, we cannot assume that the new measures and models are fully mature or that everything seems to be "new" in the future.

The transition from education to innovation-based learning needs to:
• A concept-based education, not a truth-based and heart-saving teaching.
• The school should be the driving force for innovation and public education reform to create schools where students need success.


 The Arab Organization for Quality Assurance in Education (AROQA) attaches great importance to the participation of researchers, specialists, experts and decision makers. The Ministers of Education, Ministers of Higher Education and University Presidents will be invited as well as experts, representatives and researchers from the following institutions and organizations: