Second annual Conference

New Trends in Business Education
15 -17 February 2010


* Welcoming Remarks

- Prof. Abdullah Al-Fuhaid
- H.E Sheikh Khaled AlKhalifa
- Mr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh
- Dr. Rashed Al-Ajmi
- Prof. Saleh Hashem
- Dr. Samir Fakhro
- Dr. Nami Al-Nami
- Dr. Nehme Azoury

* Plenary
"Global Trends in Business Education: The Recession and After "
   Prof. David Weir

* Session One: Ethics Education in Business Schools

- Principles of Responsible Management Education- Dr. Nami Al-Nami
- Ethics Education: An Assesment Case of the American University of Science & Technology

- Ms. Hassana Tabch & Dr. Hussien Hejase

* Session Two: Information and Communication Technologies and Business Education

- Challenging Technologies: A Challenge of Future of Education, Ethics, Values and Economy- Dr. Mohammad Al-Qaddumi
- Customizing Textbooks through the use of Technology - Mr. Hassan Zaza

* Session Three: How to Bring the Real World into Teaching and Learning

- Experimental Exercise on Dividend Policy - Dr. Turki Al-Shimmiri
- Quality of Education in Universities - To adapt with the Labor Market Requirements - Dr. Jamal Al-Delemy

* Session Four: Aligning Management Education and Research with the Ever-Changing Needs of Organizations and Economy

- The Changing World of Management Research - Dr. John Peters & Mr. Alastair Cook
- Improving the Employability of Business Graduates - Mrs. Shatha Al-Faiz
- Planning of Business Education as a Capital Needs of Organization - Dr. Ahmad Najjar

* Workshop
"Writing and Publishing Management Research"
   Prof. David Weir & Mr. Alastair Cook



Call for papers

Second Annual Conference 

Second annual Conference New Trends in Business Education 15 -17 February 2010

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