Under The  Patronage of  Lebanese Minster of telecommunication


Academics, researchers, and representatives of quality assurance and accreditation bodies as well as quality experts and participants will discuss the enabling regional quality in education by identifying benchmarking concepts, successful educational patterns, and enablement of accreditation. 
For this purpose, the conference aims to raise awareness about the quality and accreditation, their impact on the educational institutions, how can the accreditation raise efficiency of institutions and improve outcomes, and strengthen information by sharing experiences, which enables to highlight the importance of partnerships in finding regional and localized solutions to common challenges. 

Call for papers

Eighth Annual Conference 

Paper contributions are accepted in Arabic or English. Papers should be submitted with no more than 8 to 10 pages, and no more than 8000 words. Each paper should include:

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Call for Participation

A successful participation, which takes adequate time, resources, and flexibility, is one of our objectives.

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